New Jersey Shooting Range

Shooting Range NJ Target Practice

When you are visiting a Gun Range for the first time, it can be such a daunting thing to do that it make you want to turn right around in that parking lot and head out. It is not unusual for all of us to be afraid of unfamiliar territories that then if you are taking to guns you are probably one of the few brave ones who are all about exploring the limits and going beyond their comfort zones to the very edge. Even so, without knowledge of proper Shooting Range etiquette, you first date with a firearm can end pretty badly. If you want to love it here, are some hints on how to maneuver without putting yourself in danger or others.

  • Read and understand the range’s firing-rate regulations and ask you range safety officer about any details you might need clarification on.
  • Mind your ejected brass

When you are operating semi autos be careful not to spill your ejected brass on the lane to your right. At Shooting Range NJ you are better off remaining in behind the wall, so the hot brass hits the wall and falls to the floor.

  • Keep your gun pointed downrange always

It is a bit obvious but still needs to be said. It will certainly also appear in your house rules but most people do not take it seriously, and that could end badly. Always point your gun away from yourself and others. Unless you want to kill someone, never leave your gun on the bench loaded. You should always leave the slider open or barrel empty and open for revolvers.

  • Keep count of shots fired

There is a reason why most ammunition boxes come packed in neat rows of five. Loading your gun with a specific number of the round every time makes it easy to know when the gun malfunctions. For instance, if you get used to firing five shots for every drill, you will have a better chance of knowing when the fifth bullet fails to come out.

  • Always unpack only one firearm at a time

Yeah, yeah, we get it, you have some of the most formidable firing power in this whole Shooting Range but please don’t unpack all your equipment on the floor behind you so you can show off. Kicking guns on the floor is not a very brilliant idea, and it is unlikely to end well. Remember to keep your bench clean and clutter free and only replenish as needed keeping everything else in your bag on the floor.

  • Mind you own business

Mostly, save for your RSO, all other people you didn’t come with are not your business. Don’t stare at other shooters whether they are good or beginners, it makes harder for them to focus.

  • Clean up after shooting

The nice thing to do every time is to offer to clean up your own brass after you are done whether the rules require you to or not. You can even save your brass for resale or reloads and save some cash to buy more accessories for your shooting hobby.

Most place you go to shoot will have their own set of house rules for health and safety of shooters. You should read these carefully as they are important. You can think of your Gun Range safety officer as a friend from whom you can seek assistance with a problem and who is also there for you own good rather than an enforcer of the house rules, which he is. Proper shooting etiquette will ensure a pleasant shooting experience for everyone.